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Three short stories (totaling ~36,000 words), including:

The Fox and the Fight

Everyone on campus should know better than to get on the bad side of Sawyer Selachi, the swim team ace who's 50% shark, 50% hot girl, and 100% terrifying. When some hasty decisions and misunderstandings lead to an unfortunate confrontation, one unlucky student winds up in way over his head. ...but for someone who has difficulty being honest with herself about who she wants to be, maybe a bit of bullying could be just what she needs.

The Shark and Snow
(cw: discussion (but not depiction) of sexual assault)

After the events of The Fox and the Fight, things are looking up for our protagonists, but as they start exploring a new relationship, they're both still figuring things out about who they are and how they can best support each other. Also, they get to play D&D!

The Sable and the Statue

An unexpected opportunity drags a college dropout back to campus: with one final project, he just might be able to graduate after all! But this particular project requires quite a bit of introspection, which is difficult for someone who's never been comfortable with themselves. Thankfully, a childhood friend is also here to help, and in the end, the experience might just be even more transformative than expected...

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AuthorRooibos Chai
TagsGender, LGBT, light-novel, Romance, Transgender


Get this book and 28 more for $6.00 USD
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